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Merging human finesse with AI capability.

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AI tech & human knowledge

What makes Cortana AI unique?

The Cortana protocol involves a highly advanced AI developed to trade in FOREX and CRYPTO markets. But what makes the Cortana protocol unique is the fact that it’s not just relying on AI but, far more than that cooperates with our Cortana traders.

Faster market entries & exits due to AI.

Lower risk due to AI calculated TP’s and SL’s.

Marked adapted strategies & updates due to our Cortana traders.


Building on experience and know-how

Empty promises and wrong choices can easily cost people their capital and, at the same time, companies their existence. This is why the Cortana AI has been developed over a time lapse of 2 years, with a proven trading history of more than one year! 

What does Cortana offer?

Risk Management

Trading in FOREX and CRYPTO markets can be risky. That’s why we have decided to secure our customers' funds by using multiple regulations regarding draw-down and stop-loss.

Trading Profits

Cortana AI thrives on delivering the best possible Risk-Reward based results. We at Cortana aim to deliver performance from 0-10% per month to our customers.

Easy & 24/7

No prior knowledge of trading or crypto is required to use our product. Cortana is a simple and easy-to-use digital platform that provides full access from anywhere worldwide. Handel your funds with ease at any given time. 


Partners & Corporations

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“Customers, as well as Companies, require one important asset: trust and constancy.”

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